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Keep scrolling the see the latest publications from the lab, or visit PubMed and BioRxiv for the whole list.

A novel and functionally diverse class of acetylcholine-gated ion channels

I Hardege, J Morud, A Courtney, WR Schafer

Journal of Neuroscience 2023

Distinct roles for two Caenorhabditis elegans acid-sensing ion channels in an ultradian clock

E Kaulich, T Carroll, BD Ackley, YQ Tang, I Hardege, K Nehrke, W R Schafer, D S Walker

Elife 2022

Deorphanization of novel biogenic amine-gated ion channels identifies a new serotonin receptor for learning

J Morud, I Hardege, H Liu, T Wu, MK Choi, S Basu, Y Zhang, WR Schafer

Current Biology 2021

Neuronally produced betaine acts via a ligand-gated ion channel to control behavioral states

I Hardege, J Morud, J Yu, TS Wilson, FC Schroeder, WR Schafer

PNAS 2022

Neuropeptide signalling shapes feeding and reproductive behaviours in male Caenorhabditis elegans

MJ Gadenne, I Hardege, E Yemini, D Suleski, P Jaggers, I Beets, W R Schafer, Y L Chew

Life science alliance 2022

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